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About Jacob Deakins MD

About Spokane, WA

Dr. Jacob Deakins completed Medical School in 2006 from St. Christopher College of Medicine at their United Kingdom campus. His residency training was completed through the University of Wyoming Family Medicine Residency training program in 2009. He is Board certified in Family Medicine with a Fellowship in Wilderness Medicine. He has practiced in private Primary Care, Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine. With this background, he came to see that the effects of the disease were dramatic and attempted to combat the symptoms and not the causes were often futile.

With that understanding, Dr. Deakins is opting to focus on wellness through nutrition, exercise, health coaching with a preventative and a proactive approach.

Dr. Deakins enjoys snowboarding, hiking, running and fly fishing. He believes that wellness starts with pursuing those activities that create joy, movement and health.